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Chapter 50 His Henchmen

  • Meng quickly went in front of me and stopped me, “Oh, you mean that? Didn’t you know? They did it on purpose. These business people, they do that on purpose so they can please the Black Dragons. You think they don’t want you in their shop? Think again. They wanted you in their shop, they wanted it bad, because then they can put on an act of insulting you and chasing you out, like that woman just then, and get on the Black Dragon’s good sides. Maybe they’ll even be rewarded.”
  • “What the...!?” I was so much in awe by their logic and ingenuity that they left me at a loss for words, “I never thought that they could take the Black Dragon’s warnings that way.”
  • “You were out of the shop already, why else would Ms. Meatball over there go as far as to openly flinging insults at you even now?”
  • That brought me a smile. This Meng here seemed to have quite a playful character, unexpectedly so. Judging by his appearance alone, he seemed to be one of those big and simple minded types, but that was quite a mouth he had just then.
  • He put away his phone and scratched his nose, and said to me, “Actually, let’s head back. We’re not leaving this place without buying our clothes, and we’ll be buying it from her, whether she liked it or not.”
  • Turning around, Meng tugged me and dragged me back to that shop again. Truthfully, I really didn’t want to be here again, that was how much that Ms. Meatball there traumatized me.
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