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Chapter 49 All an Act

  • “What did he just call you!?”
  • Though I already knew that Zhao Zichen couldn’t possibly be just a simple cardiology surgeon, what that man called him just then still made me jump.
  • “More on that later. Meng, you go ahead and clean this place up. With all those noises we made, someone was bound to have called the cops. We don’t want them on our case. And, send a few of our people out, get the words around, that as of today, all places here in the Black Alley are officially Red Lantern territory!”
  • It was as if the Red Lanterns around us suddenly had an adrenaline boost, or steroids. They yelled and roared triumphantly, sending echoes throughout the alleyway. On the other hand, the Black Dragons hung their heads low in defeat, especially Jin, who had buried his head almost entirely between his knees.
  • Many of the Black Dragons are hurt, or crippled, or worse. As for those who were hurt too badly, Zhao Zichen had his men take them directly to the Tong City Hospital. Looks like what he said before about looking after the hospital’s revenue wasn’t just talks.
  • “Alright brother, this is some fine work you done today! I got an entire hall booked at the Spring Gardens. Tonight, we celebrate!”
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