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Chapter 48 Humbleness

  • Stumbling out of the Devil’s Eye, Zhao Zichen walked alone by himself, strolling down the street through the heavy rain, with his long hair plastered onto him from the wetness.
  • Seeing him acting the way that he did, if I didn’t know that he was actually the Vice Department Head of the Tong City Hospital Cardiology Department, I’d say that he was either a nutter or a homeless bum.
  • Behind him, Bao and a limping Jin followed him from a distance, and I followed behind them even further back.
  • Though it does seem a little odd with Zhao Zichen. Maybe he was so drunk that he couldn’t recognize his way around anymore. The more he walked on, the darker and tighter the way became. From the road, then to the streets, and even now he was turning off into an even narrower alleyway.
  • The crude stone pavement of the alleyway glistened with wetness from the rain, looking like a terrible slipping hazard. In the alleyway, there was only one dim street lamp, glowing yellow in the dark of the rainy night. It was quiet, with no one else around us, just the sounds of our footsteps and the raindrops hitting the ground.
  • Then Zhao Zichen suddenly whipped back around, and looked right at Bao straight in the face.
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