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Chapter 47 He Has a Gun!

  • The Black Dragon and Red Lantern were often at odds with each other, causing troubles and starting fights. Junran’s disposition towards the two gangs had always been distant and uncaring, more or less turning a blind eye to them so long as they keep themselves off Junran’s properties.
  • One of the girls was called Yan, and seemed to be the most outgoing and talkative one out of the group. She said, “The Chen’s, they’re in it together with the Black Dragons! So long as the Black Dragons get the money, they’d do anything short of killing their own mother! Oh, but don’t tell anyone what I just said, I... I’m... also afraid of them...”
  • So that was how it is, now I could finally began to understand just how the Chen’s were able to do what they do.
  • “You girls, if any of you are willing to be my people, I’ll make sure that you’ll be well paid.”
  • As soon as I finished my sentence, Yan immediately dropped to her knees in the rain, and reached out to loosen my pants.
  • I did bring it upon myself I guess, since I knew full well that they were in the business that they’re in, but I just hadn’t expected that they would be as direct and upfront about it. They almost got into my pants, if my reflex wasn’t quick enough about securing my belt around my pants. I waved them away.
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