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Chapter 46 Financial Backing

  • “I’m only saying this out of consideration for you. Besides, it isn’t as if you can actually follow me, not in that Bentley at least.”
  • With this, I didn’t bother with words anymore. Instead, I showed them exactly what I meant. Winding up the window, I shifted into gear and slammed the foot down onto the accelerator. The engine of the Porsche roared joyously as it sped down the highway, tearing through the dark of the night in the heavy rain like a drawn arrow finally granted the freedom to fly. Before Chen Ruhai realized, I already left him in my tail light.
  • Taking a glance at them through the rearview mirror, I noticed that they might have tried to catch up, but it doesn’t matter whether they actually did or not, since by now their Bentley was nothing but a pair of tiny and dim light. It was night time already, and in this heavy downpour, there were hardly any cars on the highway. I kept shifting up the gear and let my Porsche run wild like the way it was meant to run before it was unfortunate enough to find itself shipped to a foreign land such as mine. Soon, I could no longer see even their headlight.
  • I found an exit, and turned off out of the highway, ending the Porsche’s momentary freedom and once again subjugating it under the traffic laws of this land. I took out my phone, and headed towards the address that Zhao Gongming had sent me.
  • Devil’s Eyes, I’ve heard of this place, but I’ve never been there before.
  • Even when I was still in school, years back, this place has already made quite a name for itself, most of the time in various bad ways. Since then, it was a common gathering place for gangsters and thugs, and was full of junkies looking to get high and dealers providing them with the substance they need. Every single year, the school would always remind us time and time again to stay away from that place.
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