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Chapter 45 In Trouble

  • It had begun to rain heavily, and a round of thunder rolled and rumbled above us. The rain puddled all around us, and I heard the engine of the Bentley suddenly revved into gear. The car didn’t move forward, but the madly spinning wheels splashed the dirt and puddle everywhere, all over my head and clothes.
  • I wiped at the grime on my face with my hand, holding back the anger that was building up.
  • “Out of a place to live now have you? With this rain, you look just like the homeless and beat up dog you are. Oh, I know, I’ll take a photo of you and send it to Lin Fang, and let’s see if Lin Fang will still be willing to be with you after seeing that.”
  • Then he whipped out his phone and began taking photos, then he flaunted it at me.
  • “Don’t you think you’re a little too old for this, Chen Yuzhou? I remember you doing similar things in school all those years ago, not much of a creative person are you?“
  • Chen Yuzhou laughed, with hatred seething through his swollen face, “Is that what you think? I beg to differ. Nothing can be more satisfying to me than watching you suffer.”
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