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Chapter 43 Chance to Strike

  • I nodded and said to Lin Fang, “You check if anyone from her circle of friends still has the video she uploaded.”
  • Lin Fang immediately took out her phone to check, and at the same time, I began searching on all the common SNS for the video uploaded.
  • At first I was wondering what search terms I should use, but as it turned out, I don’t even need to think at all. It was right there, on just about every site’s front page. “Tong City Rape Case: Hero or Scam?”
  • I expected it. I did. But when I actually saw it with my own eyes, I still couldn’t help but curse at their shamelessness.
  • All the newest messages and discussion threads on the rape case became filled with comments making up stories about mine and Chu Xiaoxiao’s identities.
  • I became a bouncer at a nightclub that was secretly in love with Chu Xiaoxiao, and Chu Xiaoxiao became a high classed call girl, and this so called rape rescue was all an elaborate scam to blackmail Chen Yuzhou.
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