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Chapter 41 Disgrace

  • After that, I tried contacting Chu Xiaoxiao again, but her phone seemed to be switched off still.
  • Lin Fang was worried sick about what might have happened to Chu Xiaoxiao. She fidgeted about, unable to calm down.
  • I comforted her, telling her to relax. After all, Chu Huaien was still Chu Xiaoxiao’s father. No matter what happens, he’ll never be too harsh with her.
  • Lin Fang bit her lips, “But, if Xiaoxiao really does retract her testimony, we won’t be able to hold up to Chen Yuzhou in court!”
  • “Testimony is the weakest form of evidence. In your case, you have a video recording. The evidence is rock solid. There’s no need to worry.”
  • Coming out of the police station, Xia Genghuai came and patted my shoulder.
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