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Chapter 40 Rough

  • I pretended not to see his formalities for what they are. At this, Chen Ruhai had no choice but to play along if he wanted to keep up his pretense of an impartial father disciplining his child. He motioned with his hand, silently telling me to name my demands with a gesture.
  • Inside, I laughed and mocked at his vanity. Whatever that Chen Ruhai may do or say here, I knew very well that they were nothing but an empty show, and that he was the most cunning one among all of us present. First, they would swallow whatever my demands may be, and as soon as the prison discharged me, they would clean up and destroy whatever evidence that we had, and deal with me through some other means.
  • Well, since he so kindly offered, I wasn’t going to disappoint and pass up the opportunity. He wanted to play the wise and impartial and just old man? I’ll let him. I’ll let him slap his own son silly.
  • I imitated his gesture, silently motioning him to do as he sees fit. Looking at my response, Chen Ruhai had no choice but to give Chen Yuzhou another slap, and then he looked at me again.
  • I crossed my arms, “Uncle Chen, you aren’t perhaps mistaken that we’re bargaining over matters of pennies and cabbages in the local market are you? If you really mean what you say, give it to me you mean it.”
  • “Father!” Hearing what I said, Chen Yuzhou fell to his knees and crawled to his father on his knees, fearful that Chen Ruhai would really do as I suggested.
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