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Chapter 39 Satisfying

  • I said, “The doctors said that the man that I battered last night had a ruptured kidney. What mistakes could Officer Zhou possibly have made?”
  • Now Big Chou was getting really worried. He slapped me across the back of my head, “You knocked your head wrong somewhere in there? They’re letting you out right now, and you’re laying even more charges upon yourself? Are you mad!?”
  • I gave him a little laugh. Though Big Chou just slapped my head, it didn’t make me angry at all. I never expected to be able to make friends with such a caring bunch of buddies even here in the heart of the Tong City Prison.
  • Out of all of them, the one that was frightened the most must be Liu Hu. Only then, he was yelling that Chen Yuzhou will take me apart pieces by pieces. But now, seeing how the events unfolded right in front of his eyes, even someone as dumb as he is would have to start wondering about just what kind of background I have.
  • I guess that today was probably the first time this Deputy Commissioner Xu experienced being talked down to by a prisoner, but he had no choice but to lower his head to my insults and ridicules. Someone even higher in the chain of hierarchy has demanded that he was to get me out of this place as soon as possible.
  • I said, “Deputy Commissioner Xu, why don’t we talk about it openly? What you’re trying to do right now is nothing but an attempt to cover things up and pretending that none of this ever happened. And let me tell you, you won’t be getting rid of me that easily. Last night you received orders from Chen Ruhai to put me in a small brig with some tough cellmates and got them to roughen me up for him, and now you suddenly had a change of heart? No, I think not. Rather, I think you must be panicking now that my friend has sent in her proof of Chen Yuzhou’s attempted rape, right?”
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