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Chapter 36 Accident? Or

  • From our prior interactions, I already knew that this Hong couldn’t possibly be some minor character, but I didn’t know that she’d be this important in jianghu either.
  • “Only a brief and chanced meeting.” Finishing off, I suddenly found a lot of people squatting beside us and listening to our chats. They probably got tired of beating up Liu Hu already.
  • Speaking of which, I turned to look at how he was. His face was a complete swollen mess, and was lying on the ground clutching his knees in a fetal position, crying for his mother.
  • I only glanced at him, and he became so afraid that he scurried into the corner furthest away from me, tucking in and making himself look as small as possible.
  • I continued with Chou, “So, Big Chou, you Red Lanterns have beef with the Black Dragons?”
  • “Oh we have beef with them alright, no, more than that, we have hell with them! See here, we used to be good between us, the Red Lanterns and Black Dragons. At least, not always fighting like now. Then suddenly, some genius Black Dragon decided to start picking fights on our ground. Our Red Lanterns brothers tried reasoning with them, trying to find out why, but they said nothing and just ganged up and beat our brother to a pulp, many times and at many places!”
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