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Chapter 34 Presence

  • Not that I had looked down on Chu Xiaoxiao in any ways before, but now, what I saw with my eyes left me in utter awe.
  • Personally, I don’t think of myself as having much of a macho alpha male complex, but when I served in my squad, the vast majority of us were all men. And of course, that also means constant bragging and tall stories, and lots of times, about women. As a result, most of us tend to think of women as damsels as frail as a precious flower grown inside the comfort and safety of green houses.
  • Of course, though we joked about it, all of us knew that real women weren’t at all like what we joked about, but Chu Xiaoxiao by far exceeded and shattered the image of what I thought a woman is. She saw that third rate act that the doctor and the police officers put on, and immediately realized that something wasn’t quite what it seemed to be. Then from thin air, she pulled this off, calling on the media and the general public to watch out for me and taking all the measures to make sure that I won’t be mistreated, or at least on the surface, after they take me away. Though to be honest... I don’t think there’s much they can do to me anyway. Han Kun would never allow anything bad to happen to me as well.
  • However, what she did won’t work all the time. The media has its uses, but at the same time it was just as likely to turn on you, much like how you used it to turn on your opponent in the first place.
  • I know the power of the media. I have used it myself when I served in the military during particular missions. The media is fickle. We can influence it, but so can our opponent. Especially with Chu Xiaoxiao, this won’t bode well for her. To put it bluntly, she has no money, and the Chen’s have lots of money. All they have to do would be throwing some coins at a few who were willing to write in their stance, and suddenly an act of bravery would turn into brutal assault, and Chu Xiaoxiao herself from a victim to a call girl.
  • When all around us raged in chaos, she stole a quick moment to come to me unnoticed. I said to her, “Thanks for this, but you just sit tight and relax. Though, if you can, do contact someone for me, you know who, tell him to ‘wait a little more’, and don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”
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