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Chapter 33 More Ferocious Than Tigers

  • Though he didn’t show up, I would never doubt Xia Genghuai’s integrity or work ethics, or the friendship between us. Lazy as he usually was, he had always been my friend. Throughout the living hell of my high school days, he never once turned his back on me. I’d trust him with my life back then, and it hasn’t changed now. Come to think of it, obviously I wouldn’t expect every officer in the police department taking calls to know about me and my relationship with Xia Genghuai, or that Xia Genghuai would somehow came into the knowledge of exactly which incident reported in that area would be related to me.
  • When the police officers came, Chu Xiaoxiao took the initiative and talked to them, and was the first one to be questioned. Unlike Lin Fang, who had always been an introvert and preferred to not get involved with anyone unless she absolutely has to, Chu Xiaoxiao was outgoing and had experienced lives of all kinds abroad around the world, and had no trouble striking up conversations with the police, or anyone for that matter. When the police questioned her, Lin Fang and I sat together on a bench a little distance away from them and watched them from afar, and waited for our turn to be questioned.
  • Lin Fang noticed that I had been tapping my knee with my knuckles for a while, and asked, “You looked a little worried, is something the matter?”
  • I didn’t realize before that she was observant to a point as to be able to see my emotions through my habits. I gave her a little laugh, “Of course I would be worried. This is only the beginning. Between us, and the Chen’s, there are going to be some hard battles ahead of us.”
  • Lin Fang said, “Aren’t you overthinking it a little too much? It shouldn’t come to that right? On this matter today, we have the letters of the law behind us. Chen Yuzhou is powerful, but now, we have his weakness in our hands. We have solid evidence that Chen Yuzhou’s attempted to rape Chu Xiaoxiao. Though rape qualifies for a public prosecution case, so whether or not we choose to press the case forward, the police would have to bring the case before the court anyway. But with that, I think, given how powerful the Chen’s are in the Tong City and how deep their hands reach with various people here, stamping down and snuffing out a little public prosecution case would be a walk in the park for them. Which means that, we are the only ones that could possibly touch them, should we choose to press on the case. So, in a sense, we quite literally hold Chen Yuzhou’s fate in our hands now.”
  • Lin Fang’s analysis of the situation was so spot on, that I gave her a round of applause, in my heart, silently.
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