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Chapter 31 Saw Through

  • When Chun Tang went to address his wound, I told Lin Fang to go back and lie on her bed with the lights off.
  • Lin Fang looked visibly unsettled about this, and trembled with fear.
  • “Relax, I will be right there with you as well. I won’t let anything happen to you.” I reassured her.
  • Lin Fang looked at me, and then nodded, but she still doesn’t look convinced. I felt bad about it for her, but I don’t have any other better ideas.
  • “How about we do it this way? I’ll pretend to be Fangfang, and Fangfang, you can wait right here in Zhang Chao’s room.” All of a sudden, Chu Xiaoxiao spoke up.
  • Lin Fang said with a frown on her face, “No, that’s too dangerous for you.”
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