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Chapter 30 One Fell Swoop

  • I spoke in Vietnamese, “Know why I didn’t stop this girl from doing all that to you? I’m just seeing whether you would give in or not. If you are just a self trained nobody here to make ends rather than a professionally trained killer, that kettle of water would surely have made you spill your beans. But instead... looks like you weren’t only professionally trained, and the one in charge of your operation is...”
  • Coming to the important part, I leaned over and whispered a name into the Vietnamese man’s ear.
  • At the mentioning of that name, his eyes bulged as he looked at me, as if he had seen a ghost.
  • “How... how did you know? Why do you know him? Just who are you!?”
  • When a person becomes terrified, they often revert back to their mother tongue. By now, it was evident that this man had lost it completely, as he fell into a panicked frenzy and began frantically saying something in Vietnamese. Lin Fang and Chu Xiaoxiao couldn’t understand anything he said, and both asked me what happened, and just what exactly I have said to the man that broke him so utterly.
  • I reached my hand into his pocket and took out his phone and tossed it to him, “Call Chen Yuzhou, and do exactly as I say. Or, I’ll get someone to secretly transport you back to Vietnam, and deliver you right back into your boss’s hand. And of course, I’ll make sure that your boss knows everything that you did here, especially that part about having given up the name of you contractor.”
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