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Chapter 29 Taboo

  • The two of them bantered and fooled around like the good friends they were, driving away the gloominess that had set around the room and lightening the atmosphere. And as for me, I was still trying to recover from the shock and devastation of being referred to as simply a “good person” by Lin Fang. That hurts... quite a bit more than just a little. But, after all that was said and done, if Lin Fang was happy, then so was I.
  • No matter what happened, I would protect her from anyone that tried to hurt her.
  • I took a chair, and planted it right in front of the Vietnamese man. He was a little afraid of me, and flinched a little as I sat down on it.
  • “Zhang Chao, didn’t you say that you’re going to see Chen Yuzhou about this man?” Having teased Lin Fang enough, and had enough of being teased by her in return, Chu Xiaoxiao voiced her serious opinion, coming to me and standing by my side with Lin Fang standing at my other side.
  • “No need to be so rushed about it. Right now as how things are, us going to them would be playing right into their hands. No. We won’t go to them. And instead, they will come to us.” I said to the Vietnamese hitman, “Call Chen Yuzhou. Tell him that you got the job done, and that Lin Fang’s door was left unlocked for him with no one else there. Tell him to come here now.”
  • Compared to having a foreigner sneaking an unconscious girl into his own house, coming here to Lin Fang’s place unnoticed would be a much easier and safer alternative. After the deed, Chen Yuzhou could simply sneak away before she came back to consciousness the next day, and no one would be the wiser. I thought, Chen Yuzhou would definitely fall for it.
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