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Chapter 28 Denial

  • “Wait! Lin Fang hasn’t came back yet, you don’t think that something might have happened to her, would you!?” Chu Xiaoxiao snapped me out of my anger.
  • My head began hurting. Lin Fang said that she was only going to receive a package that came for her, but this had been much too long for just that.
  • I said, “Let’s stay calm. Since we have the man that Chen Yuzhou sent for her right here, Lin Fang should be alright. You look around, see if you can find her, and call the police if anything goes wrong. I’ll keep an eye on this man here.”
  • Chu Xiaoxiao nodded, bobbing her head up and down furiously, and dashed away... then came back again just as quickly with tears in her eyes.
  • “I’m scared...”
  • I almost flipped my eyes at her. What could there be to be scared of? All the lower floors had their lights on, bright as day. It wasn’t as if she would be looking around in the darkness.
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