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Chapter 27 Misunderstanding

  • No matter how much I wanted to, there was little I could do about Chu Xiaoxiao right now, so I had no choice but to let it slide for now. I guess, if Lin Fang really have feelings for me, then confessing my feelings to her a few days later shouldn’t affect things too much. And, all the more importantly, Lin Fang was my first love, my goddess in my school days. I need to prepare for it in every possible way to make it as perfect as it can be.
  • The door of the elevator opened to a dark corridor. The lights in the hallway appeared to have went out. All two of them, and a faint green light shone from the dim and discolored LED of the emergency lamp.
  • The bulbs were probably blown. Like they say, you get what you pay for. The neighborhood that I chose to stay in really wasn’t one of the better ones, so things like this probably weren’t all that uncommon.
  • With Lin Fang still on her way back up downstairs, Chu Xiaoxiao didn’t have the keys to her place, and had to wait outside in the dark until Lin Fang came back.
  • I went inside my room and flipped the switch on, and the lights went on. This made it clear that it really was the bulbs that were blown outside, rather than a building wise power outage. Good, at least it wasn’t my problem.
  • “Huh, ehh? You’re... you’re going inside just like that? Leaving me all alone in this dark and dangerous hallway by myself?”
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