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Chapter 268 Pass the Buck

  • It was only when Li Ge opened the door did I remember that we would definitely meet Li Ge when looking for Li Liang.
  • Oh dear... Due to yesterday's incident, Li Ge was still going to be angry at me even if I said that I did not know Ma Dazhuang.
  • Chu Xiaoxiao and I stood there stunned as Li Ge glared at us with venom in his bloodshot eyes.
  • Since we were already here, I had no choice but to grit my teeth and go for it. "We're looking for your father. We have something to discuss with him."
  • Li Ge straight up laughed. "You still have the guts to show up at my house? Be glad that I'm not getting back at you for yesterday, Zhang Chao. Don't go too far! Did you know that the local forums have been all abuzz my being gay? This is all your fault!"
  • "Li Ge, Zhang Chao didn't do anything. Don't make false accusations," Chu Xiaoxiao spoke up for me.
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