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Chapter 26 Confession

  • The surrounding crowd was still filming Chu Xiaoxiao. Tong City was not too big nor too small, and these people might not know Chu Xiaoxiao. They just heard Junran’s name and wanted to join in the bustling.
  • These videos would be uploaded to the Internet in a short while. Han Kun had told me before that those rich young ladies and young masters have their own circles. He suggested me to get in contact with these people but I rejected him. Chu Xiaoxiao was quite famous in the circle. It wouldn’t take long before her “friends” find out that she got embarrassed in front of so many people.
  • After Chu Huaien left, Chu Xiaoxiao’s tears dripped from her face. There was a deep red palm print on her cheeks too. She looked really pitiful.
  • “Let’s go. If you have to talk, do it later. Don’t stand here and embarrass yourself.”
  • Chu Xiaoxiao shook off my hand, “Stop pretending to be nice! Just tell me, what do you want with me? Do you want to be with Lin Fang? Never! I won’t do this type of things like selling my friend away.”
  • I dragged her against her will and rashly pushed her to the entrance of a washroom. There were lesser people here. She was not afraid of embarrassing herself but I still wanted to preserve my dignity. I definitely did not want to appear on the news headlines with her.
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