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Chapter 25 Disgrace!

  • I burst into laughter, “No matter how manipulative I am, it would only succeed if you cooperate.”
  • Chu Xiaoxiao pointed at me with her chopsticks, “If I let you get together with Lin Fang successfully, I will write my surname upside down.”
  • The feud between Chu Xiaoxiao and I had been thus established. When we were eating hotpot, her pair of eyes pierced through the rising smoke and fixated her sight on me. It was as though she wanted to burn a few holes on my body.
  • However, I enjoyed my meal thoroughly. The more she hated me, the happier I was.
  • Throughout my whole life, it had always been me hating them. Now, the shoe was on the other foot, and it was their turn to experience what I had gone through.
  • Lin Fang pretended she did not see anything and chatted with Chu Xiaoxiao about interesting things that happened in high school. Chu Xiaoxiao was forgetful. After chatting for a while, she cleanly forgot about me and started laughing during her conversations with Lin Fang.
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