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Chapter 24 True Colors

  • “Y-y-y-you….”
  • “What about me?” I stood up and straightened my clothes, “You and I are really indeed of different caliber, but you are the one who doesn’t match up.”
  • Manager Qu’s phonecall was enough to teach Chu Xiaoxiao a lesson. I had roughly investigated her background before. These few years foreign trade businesses hadn’t been doing so well, and Chu Xiaoxiao’s father had suffered quite a lot of losses. The Chu family was unstable and their company was rumored to be bankrupting soon.
  • Chu Xiaoxiao went overseas after graduating from high school. She was supposed to learn art, but like all other wealthy second-generation, going overseas was not about studying but about eating and burning money.
  • When she was overseas, she pigged out daily and bought expensive cars and luxury goods. Universities overseas were generous about admission and strict with graduation, so she did not graduate despite spending five years there.
  • Last year, Chu Group were two billion in the red. Her father, Chu Huaien, suspected that he would not be able to fill the void and went everywhere to beg grandfather and grandmother to get funding. In the meantime, he also pulled back the young lady who had been squandering away his money overseas.
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