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Chapter 238 Mount Wuxiang

  • "Mount Wuxiang is my mother's work, so it belongs to me. I don't care who becomes the God of Gamblers. I'll clap for whoever has better skills, but the painting is mine."
  • "What are you planning? Don't do anything stupid!"
  • Everyone's attention was focused on the game, and no one noticed us leave the casino and head to the fifth floor.
  • The stairs to the fifth floor were outside the casino and were guarded by professionals. It was where Mount Wuxiang was kept. From the main casino lobby, you could look up into the fifth floor, but you needed to go out to access the floor.
  • I walked out onto the deck and was met with strong winds that almost knocked me over. That was when I discovered that it was raining outside and the waves were at least two stories high. If our ship was not huge, we would have capsized.
  • Old Yu and I both staggered. I grabbed tight to the rope on the side of the ship, while Old Yu used his erhu as a walking stick. He stood there steadily like a roly-poly toy, rocking in the wind but never falling.
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