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Chapter 231 Setup

  • "I'm sure everyone is trying to guess what this prize is. This piece of art was made twenty years ago by a local Tong City artist. I bought it the moment I laid my eyes on it, and have treasured it since. This is a precious jewel to me and I'm bringing it out today for everyone to enjoy, and for everyone to have a good time. This special prize will be awarded at the end of the God of Gamblers competition. Anyone who can defeat the God of Gamblers can walk away with this painting. If no one wins the painting before our cruise is over, the God of Gamblers takes it home."
  • "Boss Ho, this must be worth a lot if you value it so much!"
  • "That's right. How much did you pay for this painting? I want to know."
  • Boss Ho smiled and held up a finger.
  • "Ten million?"
  • "You said you didn't spend much. Maybe one million?"
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