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Chapter 23 Partnership

  • Lin Fang was afraid I would get angry and kept comforting me.
  • Frankly speaking, I am not afraid of Chu Xiaoxiao.
  • When we were at Night Wolves that day, I had already gotten a good grasp on this woman’s character. It can be summarized in one word, “Stupid”.
  • This woman is a prime example of a stupid person- all brawn but no brain. It was very obvious during that incident at Night Wolves when she was made use of by Chen Yuzhou. Using stupid to describe her was too kind, dumbass would be way more appropriate.
  • I took into account Lin Fang’s feelings and let her say whatever she wanted without response. She could not hurt me with her words anyways.
  • Chu Xiaoxiao became even more energetic and scolded me indirectly, “There are a lot of toads nowadays lusting after swan’s flesh. I won’t let you get your way easily. Even if Fangfang agrees, how do you plan on providing her with a good life? It’s not that I am looking down on you, but can’t you find a woman that matches your status? You don’t match up to our Fangfang.”
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