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Chapter 225 Zhang Chao, I'm Sorry

  • Xia Genghuai thought I was still hung up that Chen Yuzhou had stolen my girl. He gave me an "OK" sign, signaling that he would follow my lead.
  • Chen Yuzhou had spotted me too. He slowed down and rolled his eyes in disdain.
  • "Yo, well if it isn't Lin Kang and Chen Yuzhou. It's been a while, my friends. What a coincidence meeting you here."
  • They both could not be bothered with me. Lin Kang even swore at me and spat at my feet.
  • "You should be more polite to me. You still owe me three hundred thousand." I warned with a smile on my face.
  • Lin Kang's skin was thicker than a city wall. Not only did he not capitulate, he even grinned cheekily and said, "I don't owe that, my sister does. Did you give me any money? You have the money to Lin Fang, not Lin Kang."
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