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Chapter 220 Tragedy

  • After discussing it with Tsai Xiaobing, we scrounged up some magazines. We lit them on fire, then put them out to increase smoke output. The room quickly filled with smoke, setting off the piercing smoke alarms and triggering the overhead sprinkler system.
  • "Damn, this won't work. This small flame will just get washed out," Tsai Xiaobing grumbled.
  • "Let's stop," I said.
  • "How are we going to slip out in the chaos then?"
  • I walked over to the fire alarm and punched the outer plastic shell. The piercing alarm rang through the whole building, and I shouted out into the corridor, "Fire, run!"
  • Tsai Xiaobing stared at me dumbfounded. "You're the best, Captain."
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