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Chapter 214 Search

  • "Mr. Zhang, where are Xiaoli and Xiaochen? I saw them enter your room, but they haven't come out?"
  • As she greeted me, Fang glanced into the room. We were lucky that Tsai Xiaobing was quick on his feet. It took him two steps to climb up the wine cabinet, pressing both hands to the wall to prevent himself from falling. Fang did not see him.
  • "Xiaoli and Xiaochen?"
  • "The two security... No, staff who were just standing here. They went in but did not come back out. I hope they're not causing any trouble for you, Mr. Zhang?"
  • What bad luck! Fang had seen me let the two security guards in. Since the two were not service staff, their purpose was to search the room. Of course Fang was suspicious when they did not come back out.
  • "Those two started drinking when they came in, and they can't hold their alcohol. See for yourself, they're just lying on the bed. You asked if they're causing any trouble... Well, you can see it for yourself."
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