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Chapter 201 Xiaobing

  • "Yes, you must answer, Lin Yue'er. Don't just think he's an unsophisticated hick. People like him are very caring. A woman's youth passes like the wind. You can't just look down on others because you're beautiful. You must answer him today, otherwise, you're just conceited."
  • Both the men and the women were making a ruckus. The men were all hoping that Tsai Xiaobing would confess on the spot, be rejected by Lin Yue'er right here, and be too embarrassed. The women were being satirical. They happily talked about how Tsai Xiaobing was a bumpkin so as to portray how little class Lin Yue'er had.
  • Everyone was laughing, though they all had their own agenda. Tsai Xiaobing might be a fool, but even he could tell that he was being mocked, and he felt awkward.
  • His eyes were full of dismay. However, in order not to spoil the party, he forced out his joviality and stiffly nodded at the people who were mocking him.
  • How could Tsai Xiaobing himself not know that an unsophisticated person like him was not worthy of a goddess-like person like Lin Yue'er? Compared to her, he was just a speck of dust.
  • Chu Xiaoxiao and I both sighed. She murmured to me, "Don't feel bad. This kind of thing can't be forced. Lin Yue'er isn't a bad person, but love..."
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