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Chapter 20 Spring Garden

  • Lon fluttered about anxiously outside and wanted to barge in with people to save us on several occasions. However, if we waited until he rushed in through this narrow corridor, it would be too late.
  • Liu Hu was sure that I could not escape so he laughed loudly unbridled with that swollen face of his.
  • “I am really fucking curious. How did a tramp like you manage to ride on Han Kun and Lon’s coattails? I still remember how you looked like begging me to let you off at the toilet during high school. Do you recall? Your look at that time was too marvelous. I won’t forget it in this lifetime.”
  • I clenched my teeth strongly subconsciously. This was the number one sore spot in my heart, and no one was allowed to mention it.
  • When Liu Hu saw the rage in my eyes, he showed excitement. Not only did he not think that what he did was wrong, he actually thought that was some exploit worth showing off.
  • “What is that expression of yours? Haha, did I jab your sore spot? Then again, I suppose that’s natural. You have left Tong City for so many years, almost like you vanished off the surface of the earth. Those people around you now definitely don’t know about your past. Lon, do you know this brother of yours likes toilet bowl water? Hahaha, during our high school days, this dude is our high school’s legend, the Toilet Bowl Hero.”
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