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Chapter 198 Rich Fool

  • "Where's Dr. Zhao?" I thought of speaking to Zhao Zichen before we left.
  • The doctor's expression became sorrowful. "Dr. Zhao is in the ICU. One of the patients he brought in was badly injured and might not make it."
  • I recalled that Ergouzi had been unconscious from smoke inhalation.
  • "Is everyone else alright? Why is he so badly injured?" Chu Xiaoxiao inquired.
  • "We're not sure. He breathed in a lot of toxic gas, perhaps he was shouting for help in the fire. His airways are badly burned and infected. We're doing our best."
  • I thought it was odd. "That's strange. When I rescued them, everyone had their mouth shut and no one was calling for help. Zhao Zichen's a doctor after all, he knows that shouting in a fire is fatal."
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