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Chapter 196 Crackdown

  • "There are too many people here. Someone's going to recognize me. I'm afraid that everyone in the Black Dragons will know who I am by tomorrow." Zhao Zichen heaved a sigh. "How troublesome."
  • "We can't help that. Jiang Ming's such a scheming old fox. Even if he doesn't kill you today, he wants your identity to be leaked. At least we have our lives."
  • The smoke and fire made everyone listless, and the firefighters put us all into ambulances. Ergouzi was sped to the hospital, while the rest of us—since we could all breathe—waited for our turn.
  • Chu Xiaoxiao was awake by now and Baldie led her over. She was huffing mad and she raised her hand to hit me. I flinched involuntarily, then controlled it and let her hit me. I was in the wrong and deserved the punishment.
  • But Chu Xiaoxiao's slap did not land. She sniffed and said, "You saved lives. I won't hit you."
  • She looked so angry and miserable that my heart ached that I hugged her to me. However, she stomped on my foot. "But you risked your own life, and I'm still angry about that!"
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