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Chapter 194 Risk

  • Why?
  • What had happened to Han Kun in Denmark? Why was there no news? Who was spreading the fake news of Han Kun's death?
  • I had initially wanted to resolve this Liu Rong matter quickly and let the company resume normality as soon as possible.
  • But now, I had the vague notion that unlike what Gan had told me, this was not Liu Rong suddenly creating trouble. There was something between them that they did not tell me, and this probably (and unfortunately) had to do with my parents' death those many years ago.
  • Liu Rong did not need to lie to me since he thought that I was unconscious. What did it mean when he said that Han Kun and the others had unanimously decided on my parents' deaths?
  • Did that mean that... Han Kun had been involved in the matter?
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