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Chapter 193 Like a Father

  • We found a car in the garage. Baldie and Chu Xiaoxiao sat in the back, and I drove speedily down the mountain.
  • As I drove, I was so fixated on getting Chu Xiaoxiao off this mountain that I completely ignored the wound on my hand that was oozing blood.
  • Since I remembered the route we took up, even though I was not familiar with the place, I knew where to go.
  • The car practically flew down the mountain. I was burning with anxiety and I wished that I had a pair of wings so that I could carry Chu Xiaoxiao straight to the hospital.
  • "Baldie, check her wound." I kept glancing in the rearview mirror at Chu Xiaoxiao. I could not be too distracted in such inaccessible terrain.
  • Baldie looked unwell. He had gone pale and his eyes seemed blank, and he hesitated to speak. My heart sank, was...
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