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Chapter 184 A Genuine Person

  • Chu Xiaoxiao tried to escape after she spoke, but I pulled her back with one hand.
  • Night had now fallen. The lights in the neighborhood were dim, and it was quiet. We were the only people around. Our bodies were pressed against each other, and I could feel my heartbeat pick up. My blood seemed to be rushing around my body and threatened to explode out of my blood vessels.
  • "Let's not wait any longer. How about now?" I panted.
  • Chu Xiaoxiao was shocked by my reaction. She reached over to push me away, but I held her to me. She then bent my finger backward, and unfortunately, it was my injured hand she took hold of.
  • The sharp pain completely wiped out all of my desire. Even if I wanted to do anything, I could not.
  • "Did I hurt you? Are you okay?" Chu Xiaoxiao asked in a panic.
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