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Chapter 183 Jealousy

  • I hurried to correct him. "You're mistaken, sir. She's my girlfriend, not Lin Fang. I already broke up with Lin Fang. Please, lower your volume. She might get angry if she overhears us."
  • The shopkeeper apologized awkwardly then asked, "Does she know you were with Lin Fang?"
  • "Yes. Sir, the Laotan pickled veg is ready," Chu Xiaoxiao suddenly turned around and pointed at the noodles.
  • The shopkeeper looked as if he wanted to find a hole to bury himself in. However, it seemed that he was used to putting his foot in his mouth. He smoothly apologized to us, then praised Chu Xiaoxiao's beauty.
  • "You seem much better than Lin Fang. You're prettier and your temperament is better."
  • "Sir, it's just instant noodles. Why so talkative?" Chu Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at him. She was soft-hearted and was not comfortable listening to people bad-mouth Lin Fang.
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