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Chapter 175 Daughter of an Old Director

  • I laughed, and asked the first classmate who started this conversation, "Do you know why my name isn't on the high school graduation contact list?"
  • They glanced at each other and shook their heads.
  • Someone even joked, "You were too cool back then to be associated with us. That's why you didn't leave your number. But since you're with Fangfang now, you need to leave your number. If you hurt Fangfang, we'll call you up and teach you a lesson."
  • Then, they bent over laughing. I waited for them to be done, then told them casually, "Because I didn't graduate. You've forgotten that everyone bullied me so badly and no one stood up for me. When I helped Lin Fang chase away some thugs, Chen Yuzhou misunderstood and got Liu Hu to beat me up in the restroom. He almost killed me and I was in the hospital for days. After I was discharged, I did not dare return to school, so I signed up with the army. I never graduated, never wrote in the graduation contact list, and never attended the graduation ceremony. That's why the contact list doesn't have my name and number. Haha, who wants my number? I'll write it down for you."
  • I purposely took out a pen and casually looked around at everyone. Who still dared to get my number? I ruthlessly meant my words to be a slap in their faces. These people used to look down on me and mock me while in high school, but now they were falling over their feet to flatter me. They did not even remember why I left school and that I had not graduated.
  • They laughed indifferently and made excuses, and with that, the matter was brushed aside.
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