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Chapter 172 Womanizer

  • People who had undergone anti-drug training metabolized toxins faster than normal people. While the reaction was stronger, it would stop sooner.
  • Had Lin Fang really poisoned my drink? Why would she do so?!
  • I turned on the tap and gulped down several mouthfuls. Then, I sat by the bathtub. The toxic reaction made my heart beat so fast that I felt like it was about to explode. All my blood vessels were under great pressure, and my body felt like it was on fire. Most embarrassingly, I was as hard as a rock. I had a crazy notion urging me to find something to relieve myself.
  • My eyes were bloodshot like that of a hungry beast. I clenched my fists repeatedly and slapped myself a few times, but was unable to release myself from this hot discomfort. I did not know what Lin Fang had drugged me with, but it was not fatal, and based on my body's reaction, I had already made a few guesses.
  • It was probably an aphrodisiac.
  • Oh my God, this was ridiculous. I had been drugged by a woman with an aphrodisiac and was almost raped.
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