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Chapter 167 Promotion Banquet

  • Gan joked, "Does that mean you won't let me enjoy my old age? Don't worry, I can't leave for some time. No matter what, I need to hang on until Han is done and comes back."
  • Done? What had Uncle Han gone to do?
  • I felt that Gan knew about Uncle Han's whereabouts. He seemed to be too calm, as if he knew that Uncle Han was alive. While we were at Woodfire Wonton, he seemed to be agitated when he told me about Han Kun's "death". However, thinking back on it, Gan's reaction was not normal when I told him that Uncle Han was probably not dead. He did not seem very happy and instead seemed to be dismayed.
  • What was that about? Had I been mistaken, or was Gan hiding something from me?
  • Gan suddenly spoke up, "This is good, as long as Huang doesn't try to stop us."
  • "Does Huang feel that strongly about Liu Rong? Is their relationship that good?" I asked.
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