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Chapter 165 At a Loss

  • I smiled at everyone. "Please be patient, everyone. I asked everyone to gather here not to ask you to hand over your accounts. Gan will be back shortly. Let him work. You can take a break."
  • Huang tsked and said in a mocking tone, "Fine, fine. Let Gan go through the accounts. There are so many accounts. Who knows when he'll be done?"
  • There was a low rumble of dissatisfaction across the room. No one said anything, but they were thinking it.
  • "Please be patient. We're here today to get to know each other better," I said genially, "I understand that auditing accounts is uncomfortable for many employees. I might be the heir to the company, but my foundations are rocky. I will rely more on everyone's help in the future."
  • Xie was very unhappy about that. Perhaps he did not understand why I had to appease him. To him, I was the boss of the company and I could do anything.
  • What they said about Xie was not wrong. He was trying to curry favor. But that was not a bad thing, it might even be important.
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