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Chapter 162 Captain?

  • Qingqing opened her mouth to retort, but I made a shushing motion at her to prevent her from revealing my presence.
  • My footsteps were very light. Normal people would not be able to hear me, so the person inside should have no idea that I was standing outside the door.
  • "Stupid bitch, call the cops if you dare. I've got photos of your ass. When the cops come, I'll let them take a look. They'll see what a slut you are."
  • Qingqing flushed red. She could not be sure if he was telling the truth, so she did not call the police and had waited for me to arrive instead.
  • I patted her on the shoulder and spoke in her ear, "Don't be afraid, I'll settle this."
  • Perhaps I was too close. Qingqing shied away from me, blushing. She gave me a beseeching look and nodded.
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