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Chapter 16 A Completely Different Person

  • Jiang Ming was not an unusual name, but it was definitely not an impossible mission to find the required person. I was just not sure if this Jiang Ming had anything to do with my father’s accident.
  • “I was just a child when my father passed away, and Mr. Han has been abroad a lot these days, so I know very little about what happened before. Could you please tell me more about my father if possible?”
  • “Absolutely, but it’s getting late today. Why don’t you let me buy you a meal and introduce my son to you later?”
  • I stood up and refused politely, “I would very much like to, but Lin Fang needs my company now. Would you please call me when Zichen comes back? Thank you so much for everything.”
  • He seemed to be sincere about the invitation, but I excused myself properly.
  • “Well. That’s alright. Come back to me whenever you’re available.”
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