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Chapter 159 True Colors

  • I believed that Gan and Uncle Han were friends, and Gan did not expect Uncle Han to die. Even if they were not friends, they were in the same boat together. If something happened to Uncle Han, Gan would be in trouble too.
  • That was a problem. From Uncle Han going to Denmark, going missing, to his body being found, then the discovery that the body was not his... This series of events struck me as strange. However, I could not put my finger on it.
  • "Don't be mistaken. It's not that I don't want to hear good news about Han." Gan had noticed me scrutinizing him. "I'm just thinking. Liu Rong wants us to think that Han is dead, but we don't have any evidence that Han isn't dead. Moving forward, we need to plan better."
  • I nodded. "Liu Rong is trying to shake up the management level. He wants to sell the small companies to get rid of those who oppose him. If Uncle Han is really alright, Liu Rong knows about it and he will move quickly."
  • Gan replied, "That's right. We'll pretend we don't know about it, and plan accordingly. When Liu Rong shows his true colors, we will deal with him. Come with me to the office this afternoon. Request to close the accounts as a majority shareholder. Liu Rong can't reject your request. Once the accounts are audited, we can catch him."
  • Liu Rong was a shareholder of the company. He had someone in the senior management of the company, and his branch company was under the Junran Group. He must have done something to the accounts.
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