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Chapter 154 Personal Interaction

  • I looked at him sternly. "Tsai Xiaobing, don't forget who you are?! You're a soldier, you can't do such undisciplined things."
  • Shocked by me, Tsai shot up from his seat and stood at attention.
  • "Captain, I swear I didn't, I wouldn't dare. Rock is a bit of a pervert; he goes for foot reflexology every day. I just cottoned up to the lady boss and arranged an accidental meeting with Rock. I really didn't do anything else."
  • "Kid," I laughed, "You haven't been away from the troop for more than a few days and you've already let loose. If the old man finds out, he'll take the belt to you. Alright, sit down and let's talk. What have you found?"
  • Tsai Xiaobing sighed with relief and sat back down.
  • "Captain, don't scare me like that. When you roared at me like that, my hairs stood on end."
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