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Chapter 149 Reminiscing

  • I did not really want them to vote according to how they felt. I wanted to see who was truly on my side. I was going to take over the company eventually, and needed to find some trustworthy people.
  • Liu Rong seemed to be at a loss. He ground his teeth together. "You're still faking it."
  • I sat down, pretending not to understand him."Uncle Liu, what are you talking about? I'm letting everyone decide for themselves if they want Gan to stay or go. Anyway, with my shares, I can keep Gan. If I announce my percentage, everyone will flock to me and vote the same. This would be disadvantageous to you. I'm doing this for you. Why are you putting the blame on me?"
  • "Trying to pull a fast one, hmm. Everyone, trust me. This kid can't have more than twenty percent of equity."
  • At first, there were still a few people who did not believe him, but after listening to me and Liu Rong, they decided that I was bluffing. That I did not have enough equity and was talking myself into an advantage.
  • Soon, we voted again. I counted the number of hands. Liu Rong still had the advantage of numbers—more than seventy percent of attendees—and fifty percent of equity.
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