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Chapter 147 Vote

  • He stood by the door, not pushing it open yet not leaving, as if waiting for Gan's answer. My heart was thumping as I wondered how to explain myself if I was discovered.
  • "Life... is not all about money. An old man like me is not dead yet. I still have feelings. To me, if Junran doesn't belong to the Zhangs, it's no longer Junran. Whether it belongs to Han or Liu, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to me whether you want Junran today. Even if Han Kun wants Junran tomorrow, as long as I'm still alive, this possibility will never happen."
  • Liu Rong's voice had become somber too. His joking tone had vanished.
  • "You still remember Zhang Jun. Zhang Jun's been dead for many years, hmm."
  • "Regardless of how long he's been dead, he was my brother. I promised Zhang Jun that I would take good care of Junran's finances. Junran might have been a small fisheries company then, but it doesn't matter. When someone helps you a little, you should always return the favor many times over. No matter how Junran has changed, I will help Brother Zhang protect this company."
  • Gan's words left a warm feeling in my heart. Thanks to my father's good friends like Han Kun, Gan, and multiple uncles that I could not name, the company flourished after his passing. They had no blood ties to me, yet were better to me than my own kin. My own flesh and blood were indifferent to me.
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