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Chapter 14 Flair

  • No matter how much Zhu Wangshen asked, Chen Mengyun simply stared into the void in silence. All around us were whispers and chatters, people trying to make sense of all that happened. Somehow, in a matter of seconds, Chen Mengyun lost all her flairs.
  • “They are agents from the National Health Department. Mrs. Chen, you may think that your plans and actions were watertight, but these people had been investigating your case for quite some time now. I was hoping that I could let you walk away with your dignity attached at least, but then you had to bring this down upon yourself.” Director Zhao shook his head regretfully, with a smile that showed a hint of bitterness.
  • This was completely unexpected. All of this really had been a timely coincidence. I really got lucky this time. The problem went away by itself without me having to expose my true identity.
  • If at all possible, I didn’t want anyone to know of my true identity. Other than not wanting to appear as if I was a good for nothing son of a rich showing off his wealth, the larger part of me simply didn’t want my aunt to know that I was back to Tong City. I hated her, and I’m scared of her. But, above all else, I could never bring myself to take vengeance against her. So, the best solution would be to keep my presence a secret to her, and never seeing her again in my remaining life.
  • Mrs. Chen and Dr. Zhu were quickly escorted away by the people from the National Health Department, leaving a dumbstruck Chen Yuzhou behind. Even now, he was still standing at the same spot, unable to come to terms with what just happened.
  • All the onlookers cheered and applauded. They had been thoroughly entertained alright. The cheers went on for more than a few rounds before the doctors and nurses who had been watching finally realized their duties and began dispersing the crowds, asking them to return to their wards.
  • Lin Fang took the chance to explain her situation to Director Zhao, hoping that he would make an exception for their case and allow her father to be hospitalized for just a few more days.
  • “Of course. You are one of our patients, and in dire conditions no less, and you have paid for your father’s hospitalization. How could we possibly throw you out? Also, I think you mentioned that your father will be having his operation soon, right? Wu, my boy, make a note of it on my schedule. I’ll perform his surgery personally.”
  • Dr. Wu was the doctor responsible for Lin Fang’s father. Hearing what the director said, his mouth opened so wide in shock that it could probably fit his entire fist, “D..director? You’re going to perform this surgery personally? This is nothing but a simple procedure, the only problem so far had been that we simply haven’t received payment for the operation from the patient’s family.”
  • Director Zhao reached with his hand and patted Dr. Wu on the shoulder, and said with a laugh, “No need to worry about the payment. It should come soon, either today or tomorrow. You just go ahead with it and schedule the operation. Perhaps next Monday. I would have some free time then.”
  • Dr. Wu was pleasantly surprised and excited at the same time. He nodded enthusiastically, and asked Director Wu for his permission and honor to allow him to observe as his assistant. Lin Fang also kept holding and shaking the director’s arm to express her heartfelt gratitude.
  • In the midst of all the merriment, I noticed from the corner of sight that Chen Yuzhou and Lin Kang was sneaking away from a distance, so I quietly and secretly followed behind them.
  • Again, as a recon specialist, tailing the two of them was a walk in the park. They never realized that I was behind them as they snuck into a nearby fire exit. Seeing them going in and not hearing the sounds of footsteps either going up or down, I simply leaned against the wall outside of the door and focused on listening to whatever they might be saying.
  • “What happened!? What’s going on!?” Chen Yuzhou was furious. From the sound of things he seemed to have kicked something, perhaps a trash can.
  • “This... but... maybe, maybe Zhang Chao was behind all this? My sister couldn’t possibly have that kind of influence and connections. Zhou, bro, don’t get too worked up.”
  • “No, that’s impossible, Zhang Chao was too stupid for this. And the director said so himself. He didn’t come because of your father. When he had my aunt, his proof was also rock solid. Thank God that it wasn’t because of Zhang Chao. If it really was, my mother would have my life if she finds out that I was responsible for this! You sly little snake, I already gave you so much money and so far I haven’t even been able to touch your sister at all, not even her little finger! Are you and your sister simply playing me for a fool!?”
  • Behind the door, I heard the sound of a loud slap, loud enough to be soundly audible even after being dampened by the heavy door of the fire exit. This really made my day. That good for nothing trash of a little brother deserved just that. I’ve been wanting to do it myself too, especially as of late.
  • “Ouch, that hurts. Zhou, bro, don’t be mad. I know that my sister still loves you. What is a little Zhang Chao to the love between the two of you anyway? Just you wait...”
  • “Wait? Wait!? You’re telling me to wait!? Let me tell you, if I don’t get to sleep your sister, I’m going to sell your butt to a God forsaken man shop. That underground loan you took out from Gao, he came pestering me about it more than a few times already. For now he had done me a favor and kept it civil, but don’t think I’ll always be this nice about the two of you, you and your sister too. My patience is running thin. You have one more week, or I’ll have Gao come to deal with you personally. If it comes to that, remember to wash your butt thoroughly and prepare to be hammered silly.”
  • “Nonono, Zhou, my bro, just give me another chance... Yes, I have a plan. Tonight, I’ll go to my sister’s, and put this into her water and make her drink it, and then of course you’ll be waiting outside for the right moment to come in...”
  • I swore out loud on the spot right on the quiet hospital walkway. For God’s sake, how could you still call yourself her brother!? You’re worse than even the scum on the bottom of the trash can!
  • I had a sudden urge of simply busting in there and beat the living hell out of this little bastard. But then it dawned on me, that it would be of no use. If they didn’t succeed this time, they would simply try again next time. And more importantly, Lin Fang still think of Lin Kang as her dear little brother. She wouldn’t possibly take my words over his.
  • Chen Yuzhou was obviously satisfied with this plan, and his voice obviously calmed down, “Don’t play me for the fool again now. When?”
  • “Tomorrow. Tomorrow night, I’ll go to my sister’s, and then...”
  • The two began discussing the details of their plans right there. I committed all of them into memory, and began formulating a counter plan of my own, a plan to let Lin Fang see her trash of a little brother for who he was.
  • After a while, their voice stopped, and from behind the door I began hearing the sounds of footsteps again, so I quickly retreated away and headed back to Lin Fang’s father’s ward.
  • As I was about to enter the room, someone called out to me, “Zhang, let’s have a few words.”
  • That voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t remember who it belonged to. Turning my head around towards the voice, I suddenly saw that it had came from someone that I hadn’t expected at all. Director Zhao.
  • “Greetings, Director Zhao. I was just thinking of going to you to thank you for such a great help you’ve been to us. Though it wasn’t for us specifically, stopping Mrs. Chen and Dr. Zhu and firing them really helped us. You have my most sincere gratitude and respect.”
  • Director Zhao only laughed, and took hold of the hand that I extended. Shaking it, he stepped forward and whispered with a chuckle, “I really got you good this time, haven’t I? Han Kun called me early in the morning, telling me that Zhang Jun’s little boy came back and wanted me to do you a favor. Heh, I was actually afraid for a bit that I might not be able to recognize you. Well, that worry proved to be unfounded anyway, since you looked the splitting image of your father when he was young. You had his flair.”
  • I was speechless, utterly speechless. It took a long while before my mind finally began working again, “What? So... so, you really did that... to help me? But... those people from the National Health Department? If... if that’s the case...! Is the evidence fraudulent!?”
  • “Of course they’re real, as real as you and me. You’re going to ask how I could procure them so quickly right? Well, I have nothing to hide, since I didn’t do anything anyway. It was Han Kun, from the start to the end. That old sly fox is one hell of a lawyer. He arranged just about everything that happened today. When I got his call in the morning, those people from the National Health Department was already waiting for me outside my office.”
  • I was truly shocked, well and truly. I know that Uncle Han was a capable person, but I never knew that he was that good!
  • Director Zhao said again, his voice low, “It was so good to finally see you again. Come, to my office. We have much long awaited catching up to do. And, I did just do you a favor right? I have a favor to ask of you too. Though from the looks of things, you and the Chens seems to have some sort of histories between the two of you already, so this would probably benefit you too.”