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Chapter 14 Flair

  • No matter how much Zhu Wangshen asked, Chen Mengyun simply stared into the void in silence. All around us were whispers and chatters, people trying to make sense of all that happened. Somehow, in a matter of seconds, Chen Mengyun lost all her flairs.
  • “They are agents from the National Health Department. Mrs. Chen, you may think that your plans and actions were watertight, but these people had been investigating your case for quite some time now. I was hoping that I could let you walk away with your dignity attached at least, but then you had to bring this down upon yourself.” Director Zhao shook his head regretfully, with a smile that showed a hint of bitterness.
  • This was completely unexpected. All of this really had been a timely coincidence. I really got lucky this time. The problem went away by itself without me having to expose my true identity.
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