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Chapter 137 Cheater

  • When they heard that I wanted to play, their first reaction was to say no.
  • This was something I had expected. They had already been caught cheating by Baldie. There would not dare to cheat again, and would not dare to go up against me.
  • The woman shook her head. "I don't want to play. Look for someone else. I'm tired."
  • When he heard the woman say so, the bearded man also found a reason not to play.
  • Gan advised me not to be hasty. These two swindlers were experienced, and no ordinary person could best them.
  • I leisurely fished out my wallet and took ten thousand out. Placing the cash on the table, I said slowly, "It's okay if they don't want to play. Is anyone else interested? You can't sleep or go out in this blasted weather. What else can we do besides play cards?"
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