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Chapter 133 Loyalty

  • To an outsider, those three months must have seemed very normal. Just like me, they thought that two businessmen would not do anything too out of line. Who would have known that they had already secretly crossed swords?!
  • I had initially thought that Liu Rong sending killers after us was a bit unrealistic, but after hearing from Gan, my heart sank. The peaceful world was actually very ruthless!
  • I clenched my fists. "So, Liu Rong won't let us off."
  • "Don't worry. As I said, he won't make any move against us openly in the morning. Our only worry is the board meeting. My ledger must not end up with anyone other than Han."
  • The wind roared outside, and the tall dawn redwoods swayed to and fro. The typhoon was even more intense nearer the sea. The rain hit the windows like bullets, and the double-layered glass shuddered ominously with every gust.
  • My heart sank. But this fierce weather was helping us temporarily hold back Liu Rong's men. Otherwise, we would not have a good night's sleep. After the typhoon passed, the real storm would begin.
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