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Chapter 129 Assassin

  • "I was wrong. He's not one of Liu Rong's men." I clenched my fists. This was an unforgettable face. This was the Thai assassin that Chen Ruhai had previously hired to kill me.
  • This man was sent by Chen Yuzhou!
  • Damn it! The father and son had groveled at me this afternoon, and now they had sent someone to kill me. No, maybe they never wanted to make peace with me. It had only been a distraction to make me let my guard down, then they could send someone after me...
  • The Thai assassin stepped off the sampan, and it was immediately washed out to sea and disappeared into the waves. Luck was not what got him here...
  • He pressed his palms together and bowed at me, then without speaking, he lunged at me with his fist.
  • I did not dodge. There was no way to. I had no other choice but to face him head-on!
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